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AI Facts by the Stats

Marketers often innately fill the role of Trailblazer at their organization. They are first to embrace new technology, quick to test new ideas, and agile to meet the needs of their ever-growing audience. Because of this, Marketers are the ideal candidates to champion AI adoption for their company. Here are the top three statistics for the trailblazing Marketer to keep in mind:

#1: 63% of Marketers say trusted customer data is important for using generative AI successfully.

This is a big one! As with any new tool or technology, the output is only as good as the input – so ensuring you have high-quality, trusted customer data to fuel generative AI is mission critical. If you have incomplete prospect data, struggle with deduplication, or shy away from basic handlebar merge language (HML) for personalization, investing in data cleanliness will be a prerequisite to onboarding new AI technology. Thankfully, with Data Cloud for Marketing, cleaning up data and creating uniform customer records just got a whole lot easier – here’s more on that

#2: Marketers estimate generative AI will save them an average of five hours per week.

What would you do with an extra five hours per week? For the Marketers who’ve already adopted  generative AI, they say they are using it for: basic content creation (76%), writing copy (76%), to inspire creative thinking (71%), analyzing market data (63%), generating image assets (62%). Not only is it helping Marketers to produce better content, but 74% say that AI is helping to improve customer segmentation and lookalike audience modeling. With AI doing the heavy lifting behind data segmentation and content creation, that gives Marketers time to focus on what they do best: creating memorable experiences that WOW their customers.

#3: 87% of Marketers that use AI say it helps bridge online and offline experiences.

Speaking of memorable experiences, AI is empowering Marketers to deliver experiences like never before. 90% of Marketers say that using AI helps automate customer interactions, and 77% say it helps drive best offers in real time. Since we know that customers are more likely to remain loyal to companies that offer personalized experiences, AI is supercharging Marketers ability to impact lifetime customer value and increase brand loyalty and trust.

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