Increase Attribution with Salesforce Account Engagement

Marketing attribution remains a top challenge for teams. Now more than ever, budget and resource constraints are increasing the pressure to show impact. Leaders need to see that marketing initiatives are producing results. 

Having the right toolkit (like Salesforce Account Engagement) and knowing how to use it can help solve this problem. 

Salesforce's Marketing Automation Solution.

As Salesforce’s Marketing automation solution, Account Engagement allows B2B Marketers to deliver connected customer journeys. It engages buyers across accounts and throughout their whole buying process. By supporting the entire revenue cycle, Account Engagement helps Revenue teams align around a single source of truth and ultimately close deals faster.

Account Engagement Tools to Show Impact.

Like most Salesforce platforms, Account Engagement is jam-packed with tools available to help marketers. Specifically, tools that can help prove ROI.

  • Campaign Creation: Create campaigns to track initial prospect interactions and report on them. 
  • Key Accounts Identification: Use a letter grading system to identify key accounts that are most likely to convert. 
  • Reporting and Analytics: Track and report on every touchpoint along a prospect’s journey.
  • Convert Opportunities: Identify which campaigns are influencing opportunities.

Setting your CRM Up For Success.

If you were to buy a high-end camera and try to take photos without understanding the settings, you’d likely wind up frustrated. The same applies to your CRM. Having the right tool is only the first step. Setting that tool up for success is another.

Using Account Engagement to its full ability requires time, attention to detail and clean data.

If you follow Salesforce in the news, it’s no secret that Data Cloud is all the rage. Why? It seamlessly integrates with platforms like Account Engagement to unify, process and harmonize data across multiple sources. Clean data is the first step to setting your Salesforce platform up for success. 

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