Driving Marketing and Sales Alignment with Account Engagement.

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Common Challenges.

Most marketing efforts are aimed at the top of the funnel, designed to capture a prospect’s attention and drive them to a point of conversion. Because of this, Marketers tend to equate form fill conversions to success. In reality, that’s only the beginning of the lead’s journey. 

Especially in B2B organizations, marketing leads often fall short of revenue results due to misalignment between Sales and Marketing teams. Marketing’s goal is to bring new leads into the funnel, and Sales’ goal is to close deals. But, who is responsible for the leads in between?

79% of Marketing leads never result in revenue. According to salespeople, only 7% of Marketing leads are qualified

Tools for Alignment.

With Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, organizations can bridge the gap by activating moments in the funnel where Sales and Marketing can work together. This results in higher quality leads, more pipeline opportunities, and personalized experience for prospects.

Here are a few examples of how you can use Account Engagement to drive Sales and Marketing alignment.

  • Develop the definition for Marketing Qualified Lead with your Sales team, then implement a Lead Scoring and Grading model that automates the lead distribution process. Here’s more information on how to define MQL versus SQL. 
  • Leverage Connected Campaigns, Dynamic Lists and Engagement Studio programs to automatically enroll cold prospects in nurture campaigns and help Sales stay focused on the warmest leads. 
  • Use Completion Actions to notify Sales users in real-time when Prospects engage with Marketing assets, or if you’re using Slack, deploy the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement App to bring marketing insights to relevant channels. 
  • Tailor marketing outreach with Dynamic Content, powered by Sales insights. Use key details from a Lead’s CRM record to help personalize content and deliver exactly the right message, and with Einstein Send Time Optimization, at exactly the right time. 
  • Implement Engagement History Dashboard components on the Lead, Contact and Account page layouts in CRM to provide enhanced visibility to marketing engagement. 

Account Engagement was designed specifically to help Sales and Marketing teams work together to build a seamless pipeline experience. If your Account Engagement is anything but seamless, shoot us a message at

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