Grow your SMB with Marketing Cloud Growth 

Consider this Revely’s debut of the newest product in Salesforce’s expansive toolkit: Marketing Cloud Growth.

Marketing Cloud Growth Edition (MCG) is built on the notion that generative AI is changing the way businesses operate. It’s purpose? To equip SMB’s with all the AI tools they need to keep up with industry giants and generate faster growth. All done by tapping into Data Cloud.

Unlike Marketing Cloud, Growth Edition is built on Einstein One. Basically, generative AI is in MCG’s DNA. And, it allows for company-wide collaboration within one tool. 

“By bringing CRM, AI and data together in one place, these innovations empower businesses to deliver the compelling connected experiences customers expect.” 

– Steve Hammond, Salesforce EVP and GM, Marketing Cloud

Let's break it down.

Audience Segmentation.

Audience segments are a set of filtering rules that identify matching records within your customer database. Using natural language prompts, teams can prompt new audience segments to select the appropriate audience attributes, no code required. Segments collect data from across your business database to create enriched and unified customer profiles. If you’re using the tool the right way, you can modify segments to take into account things like engagement score.

Content Creation.

There are a number of content tools available in Growth Edition that offer comprehensive Einstein AI assistance at every step of the campaign journey. With pre-existing campaign templates, you can select your campaign goal – and quickly have generated content for campaigns, campaign briefs, emails and segments at your fingertips, all by using Einstein Co-Create.

Customer Journeys.

It’s no secret that customers expect seamless, personalized and connected buying experiences. With 71% of customers switching brands at least once in the past year, brand loyalty is more difficult than ever. Enter Flow Builder. Create multi-step campaigns that leverage email and SMS with the drag and drop flow builder. Targeted audience segments enter the flow and are sent down the appropriate path. All while the flow listens for customer activities and triggers actions.


Reporting Dashboards provide real time engagement metrics, helping teams understand the impact of their marketing content. Gather detailed analytics and instant insights on email, SMS, landing page, and form performance to optimize future campaigns.

Empower Small Teams with Marketing Cloud Growth.

The Marketing Cloud Growth platform enables small teams to seamlessly unify departments through marketing automation. It then leverages top-tier first-party data from Data Cloud to craft personalized AI-generated content. Growth Edition provides small businesses with all the tools they need to achieve big marketing milestones. 

Wondering if Marketing Cloud Growth is the right fit for your business? Find out which Salesforce product is best suited for your team with this comprehensive guide. 

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