How You Can Be Einstein

If you felt odd this morning, it may be because you (like me) just became Einstein.

Not because of the white hair dye or slightly larger than average nose, but because Salesforce announced its latest AI innovations that empower each of us marketing practitioners to be Einstein in our daily work.

The announcement of the Einstein 1 Platform – the Trusted AI Platform for Customer Companies includes four elements that represent significant evolutions for Marketers.

All Apps Are Now Core.

This significant step forward is based on Salesforce’s commitment with Einstein 1 Platform to prioritize integration. By bringing all Salesforce functionality onto Core, all of the apps use a common metadata framework. Yikes! Sounds really technical and boring.

Simply put, this evolution means that, for the first time, all of Salesfroce’s native and acquired products now speak the same language. This includes Marketing Cloud, which has long been an amalgamation of legacy ExactTarget, Datorama, and Pardot platforms. With these acquired apps now speaking the same language as Salesforce’s Core products, marketers can expect rapid AI feature innovation and a simplified path to Customer Magic. The roadmap announced today: 


Einstein 1 Data Cloud.

71% of company applications are disconnected. These disconnects materially limit the application of AI for creating personalized customer experiences. The announcement of Einstein 1 Data Cloud drastically simplifies the centralization and harmonization of data. When combined with Salesforce Core apps, it enables the seamless organization, integration, and activation of customer data. As a marketer, this innovation will drastically simplify the segmentation content, and experience development processes.

Free Data Cloud & Tableau.

Yes, FREE for up to 10,000 records! If you are like me, you appreciate the power of great data visualization and the power of a harmonized customer experience but are resource or cash-limited in your ability to adopt complex data solutions in your organization. This free package is a great opportunity. Claim your free org now and give it a test. Prove the potential impact on your firm by showing (or engage a partner like Revely to help you with storytelling), and overcome the corporate obstacles that limit adoption and innovation in your marketing operation.

Einstein 1 Copilot.

Ever attempted to write a Brief and realized that the necessary context to inform your team to develop the perfect output was anything but brief? Einstein Copilot is every piece of every brief, context, design asset, and insight, plus all of your operational metadata combined into a conversational interface to hyper scale your productivity. With the interface, you can build and launch contextually informed customer-facing communication in several prompts. To me, this tool is the epitome of Salesforce’s commitment to use AI to enhance, not replace.

When my daughter displays new learning from a busy day at school, I often joke with her that if she learns anything else, her brain just may come out of her ears. Now, in one day, she just became Einstein. So did you.

Our team at Revely has the certified experience to help you realize these product innovations today. Give us a shout to help bring Einstein 1 to your marketing org.

Picture of Ira Maher