A Little Help From Our Friends

This week is Dreamforce, Salesforce’s largest event of the year and a chance to learn about the latest industry trends, new technology releases and rub elbows with thousands of like-minded Trailblazers from around the world. While we cherish the industry engagement, we also had the opportunity to stay true to our pledge of giving back to the communities and causes close to us. All thanks to a little help from our friends. This year, we took a break from business as usual to join Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2023’s Volunteer Event and pitched in at the Bison Paddock.


Community involvement is a cornerstone of Revely’s core tenets, both as a business and for the individuals who comprise our firm. Whether it’s the team spending time at our local Gleaners food bank, tackling marketing projects for Arts for Learning, or simply engaging with our neighborhood cleanup crews, we all feel compelled to do our part. Personally, the opportunity to assist with the San Francisco Parks Department really hit home for me. As an avid outdoorsman, the conservation and rehabilitation of our natural habitats are near and dear to my heart. Therefore, you can imagine how excited I was when Dreamforce made the opportunity available to not only provide assistance but also work on such a unique and historical project as the Golden Gate Park Bison Paddock.

Salesforce, while known for its cutting-edge CRM solutions, is also widely recognized for its “1% Pledge.” This initiative signifies a firm dedication to contributing 1% of its product, equity, and employee time to support charitable endeavors. This initiative continues to follow through at events like Dreamforce where this commitment continues to take shape and make a tangible difference.

The Bison Paddock at Golden Gate Park stands as a hidden oasis within the bustling heart of San Francisco. Tucked amidst the urban landscape, the enclosure offers visitors a unique glimpse into the natural world. Home to a small herd of American bison, the paddock is a testament to the city’s commitment to wildlife conservation. The paddock isn’t just a refuge for bison but also a place of learning, where park rangers engage visitors with educational programs about these iconic animals and the importance of their preservation. 

Golden State Park

Did You Know:

There’s good chance any wild bison you see in America today can trace their roots back to Golden State Park? These conservationists played a major role in repopulation of the American Bison.

The Salesforce Team did a fantastic job organizing the event alongside the knowledgeable Golden Gate Park Team who was there to guide us along the way. For Revely, making the most of our time at Dreamforce means coming together both as an industry and a community. 

Not to mention making new friends! This little guy took shelter with me for a bit while we spruced up his habitat.

Picture of Dustin Arnold