What You Need to Know After Salesforce Connections

The first day of Salesforce’s Connections Conference was full of product announcements, inspiring innovations and memorable moments. AI, Data Cloud, personalization, and privacy headlined a busy day. Here are three key takeaways, and guidance for how to apply them to your business. 

It's Time to Become a Trailblazer.

AI is transforming the way marketers operate for the better. While today’s AI announcements from Salesforce offer a peek at what is possible, it’s easy to see the future as a distant reality. We are all witnessing the rapid transformation of AI’s application from predictive to generative and the possibilities are impossible to predict. To be a Trailblazer means embracing new technology, and understanding how to leverage these solutions to enhance your work processes. Quality data is foundational for AI success. Be a TrAilblazer in your business by organizing and architecting your data to fit seamlessly into an AI-powered toolset.

Data Powers Personalization.

Our second Connections tidbit? The average business uses 976 applications in its operation – yes, 976! And since 73% of customers expect personalized outreach, harmonizing data from across applications is essential  to being a ‘Customer Company’. Salesforce Data Cloud (formerly Genie, formerly CDP) is quickly becoming central to Salesforce’s customer 360 promise – and a must have for marketers. In the next two months, expect to see 30+ new Trailhead offerings to help you scale your Data Cloud knowledge.

Interactive Content Grows Customer Trust.

Our final Salesforce Connections takeaway relates to interactive content and customer trust. Consumer engagement with interactive content has seen the greatest one year uptick of all content types (+37% YoY). Not surprising when you consider consumers’ preference for control of brand and buying experiences and desire for personalization. Interactive content allows in-the-moment personalization, entirely at the hands of the customer. Further, interactive content affords marketers the chance to design dynamic digital experiences that build consumer trust and more naturally support the collection of zero party data. Consider what customer touch points in your business can be enhanced through the development of a truly interactive experience.

At Revely, we believe that quality data combined with an intentional strategy is key to creating experiences that build trust with your customers, while simultaneously driving revenue. Reach out to us at and let’s discuss how Revely can help your business.
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