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What Salesforce Announcements (and Labs) Tell Us About the Future of Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Keynote today was just over 50 minutes long, and managed to fit exciting announcements and incredible innovations into every single minute. The future of Marketing Cloud (and yes, Account Engagement too!) is exceptionally bright, with generative AI features and Einstein advancements rolling out as soon as next month. Let’s break down what was announced, and what it means for Marketers moving forward.

Every Company Needs an AI Strategy, and Clean Data to Fuel It

If the message from this week hasn’t been loud enough, or clear enough: AI isn’t a matter of if for your business, it’s when. Practitioners must know how to strategically leverage AI to meet customers’ ever-increasing expectations. Leveraging AI typically means starting with a prompt, using Natural Language Processing (NLP) , to produce an output. More than likely, that first output won’t be perfect – and that’s where Marketers come in. By providing feedback, signals, context and meaning back to the AI, the output continues to improve. 

    • A key definition to know is grounding, or ensuring that the system understands and relates to real-world knowledge, data, and experiences. With grounding, AI understands the important context of how a human would perform the task.

Great Personalization at Scale is Possible, with Einstein CoPilot and Data Cloud

We got an inside look today at what the Salesforce Marketing Labs team has been working on to infuse AI capabilities across platforms and products for Marketers. With Einstein CoPilot and Einstein for MC Personalization, identifying opportunities for campaigns, writing campaign briefs and even creating the content needed to support A/B testing en-masse, all just became achievable at unprecedented speed. With Einstein CoPilot, Marketers will be able to redefine the limits of creating personalized experiences, at scale. Which, remember, has never been more important to customers! 

And if the draw to Data Cloud hasn’t been strong enough for you yet, the launch of Segment Intelligence should do it. The out-of-the-box Segment Intelligence dashboard for Data Cloud helps Marketers achieve their number one goal: proving marketing impact on company goals. View all of your critical marketing data across tactics, channels, segments alongside real-time revenue results, then use those insights to identify optimized customer segments with the click of a button. 

Still not impressed? Here were some of the other product roadmap announcements that will change the way you build campaigns and connect with your customers: 

    • Partnership with Typeface supercharges Content Builder, leveraging generative AI to create brand-relevant content and images from directly in-platform. 
    • Marketing Cloud Personalization is getting enhancements, with the first of Journey Re-Mapping updates launching as soon as today.
    • Real-time customer Event Streams launch in October, displaying critical, cross-channel customer interaction data across Marketing, Sales, Commerce, Service, and more. 

Here are some of those product roadmap specifics:

All of the updates, announcements and innovations shared today further simplify marketing’s goal of getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time. 

The last thing that Salesforce EVP and GM of Marketing Cloud, Steve Hammond, shared today was the role that ecosystem partners, like Revely, play in bringing the Marketing Cloud strategy and innovations to life for Salesforce customers. We couldn’t be more proud to have that honor, and hope to have the opportunity to bring these announcements to life for your organization.