Unleash Growth and Efficiency with Marketing Automation

When your team is hitting its marks and your business is growing, the prospect of incremental investment in new technology and processes can feel unnecessary. However, when the demands on revenue leaders and contributors remain on the rise, exploring the proven ROI of marketing automation is a wise decision. 

Here are five facts to keep in mind as you evaluate an investment in marketing automation.

1. Increased Revenue and ROI.

According to Nucleus Research, businesses that invest in marketing automation software see sales productivity increase by 14.5% on average. And, deal size grows by 34%. In a typical organization, these lifts prove quick ROI for a marketing automation investment.

Salesforce’s 2020 State of Marketing Report confirms this success, with a whopping 67% of marketing leaders attributing revenue growth to marketing automation.

2. Improved Lead Conversion and Nurturing.

Thanks to marketing automation, investing businesses see a 10% lift in qualified leads and a 50% lift in sales-ready leads, says Forrester.

Salesforce’s stats add more fuel to the fire, showing that lead nurturing can lead to a 45% increase in lead generation ROI, while nurtured leads tend to make purchases that are 47% larger.

3. Enhanced Customer Engagement and Personalization.

DemandGen Report discovered that marketing automation users experience an incredible 451% increase in qualified leads. How? By analyzing customer data, segmenting audiences, and delivering personalized content. The personalized content, that 80% of buyers today expect.

4. Time and Resource Savings.

Gleanster and Salesforce research have both found an average 15% reduction in overhead costs for businesses that embrace marketing automation.

5. Improved Marketing and Sales Alignment.

Salesforce research reveals that companies with aligned sales and marketing teams generate a staggering 208% more revenue from their marketing efforts.

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