Top 3 Action Items for Marketers after #DF23

As the excitement and energy from an event like Dreamforce starts to fade, it can be difficult to know just what to do with all the new information you’ve learned. You probably have a bunch of ideas, but also questions on how you’re going to make what you saw a reality at your organization. And when it comes to Data + CRM + AI, it may feel extra challenging to know where to start. 

Here are our top three action items for Marketers looking to make an impact at their company post-Dreamforce:

1. It's Time to Get Your Marketing Data in Order.

Clean data has never been more important for Marketers. If you are struggling with duplicate data, or inconsistent/incomplete prospect records, this year’s Dreamforce should serve as a call-to-arms. The introduction of Data Cloud for Marketing and Einstein CoPilot means automation and personalization at-scale has never been easier, but it will require a strong data foundation to leverage effectively. Start identifying and addressing problems within your marketing data, and build a plan to ensure future clean data management. 

If you’re using Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (fka Pardot), try using Dynamic Lists to identify records with less-than-ideal prospect data (first name = empty, company name = empty, etc.)

2. Introduce Yourself to Data Cloud.

Disparate, duplicate data could be a thing of the past for Marketers who know how to strategically leverage Data Cloud within their organization. If you’re not already signed up for Trailhead, that’s where you need to start. Salesforce just introduced a ton of new modules to help you build your knowledge (and confidence!) in all things Data Cloud and AI. Here are some trails I recommend for getting started: 

Once you’ve got those down, try your hand at a Trailmix that gets you ready for the new Salesforce Certified AI Associate Credential. Oh, and did I mention Salesforce announced that Data Cloud is FREE (yes, FREE) for up to 10,000 unified records? Shoot us a message to see if your Salesforce instance qualifies!

3. Optimize Your Existing Techstack.

There’s a lot to get excited about post-Dreamforce, but before you start looking too far ahead at new technology, make sure you’re maximizing your investment in your current techstack. Start with simple solutions that solve every-day challenges in the systems that you and your team are already leveraging. For some Marketers, that may mean making extra time to test and experiment with new features (like Dynamic Content in MCAE), and for some, it may mean bringing in a fresh set of skills (whether from Trailhead, or the Partner ecosystem) to level-up their environment. 

Just know, whichever type of Marketer you are, the Revely team is here to help. Shoot us a note at to get started implementing some of these action items.

Picture of Taylor Imus-Williams