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How AI is Putting Humans at the Center of Experiences

There was no shortage of exciting announcements today at Dreamforce (#DF23), showcasing the latest Salesforce innovations to harness the power of AI technology. With the launch of the Einstein 1 Platform and CoPilot Studio, the future is full of promise for how AI will revolutionize the way we work, and engage with our customers.

We know that AI has the promise to unlock unprecedented productivity, helping to automate redundant tasks and enabling users to focus on the activities that matter most. If you ask any Sales leader, they’d prefer their Sales team spend time talking to people and building relationships than managing data entry or drafting follow-up communications. That’s exactly what AI can help us achieve!

When you start to look at AI through the lens of what it affords us, you might be surprised by what you find.

It’s not reducing or replacing human interaction – it’s amplifying it. It’s allowing humans to sit at the center of every experience, building deeper relationships with stronger communication, tailored authentically to each individual customer by surfacing the relevant data that matters most. 

And this is important to customers. According to the State of the Connected Customer Report, 66% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations, and 52% expect offers and communication to be personalized to them. As these customer expectations continue to rise, the products and services a brand offers are becoming just one part of the decision-making equation. 

Ensuring every interaction is personalized is no easy feat, and that’s where the power of AI shines.  The predictive ability allows humans (yes, real people) to craft more meaningful experiences, with better data to understand their customers, anticipate needs, and deliver experiences that transcend the transaction.

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