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The formula for creating customer magic

This year, #CNX23 was all about AI and how marketers can leverage new technology to create moments of customer magic.

Translating #CNX23 for SMBs

Translating #CNX23 for SMBs

Learn more about the key innovations announced at Connections 2023, and how to apply them to your business.

Learn how to implement today’s take ways in your business!

Experience Remains King

Experience has always been at the heart of Salesforce’s marketing solutions, and with Data Cloud for Marketing and the launch of Marketing GPT, personalization at scale is going to be more achievable than ever before.

Generative AI unlocks new possibilities for marketers to personalize customer experience with peak efficiency, using trusted first-party data.

What to Expect

Zero-Party Data

We are going to hear a lot more about zero-party data, and how critical it is for creating customer magic. Zero-party data is the data a customer proactively shares to improve their experience. Successful brands will have a strategy for capturing and acting on this new era of customer-centric data.

Zero Party Data

Pipeline Continuity

Businesses with disjoined Sales and Marketing teams will struggle the most in delivering connected, memorable experiences for their customers. Expect a greater emphasis on improving the marketing-to-sales pipeline, with marketing-led strategies driving lower funnel results.

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