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This Dreamforce is all about the three ingredients for customer magic.

Whether you’re headed to Dreamforce (#DF23) this year or not, you’ve probably heard the buzz around Salesforce’s AI + Data + CRM formula, a.k.a the recipe for creating customer magic.

The focus is on personalization, and how companies can deliver highly personalized customer moments at-scale, using the latest AI and GPT technology, combined with the power of CRM and Data Cloud.

The Revely team will be onsite to translate the latest innovations and announcements from Salesforce for marketers everywhere.

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While AI is certainly the most exciting and newest ingredient, understanding the role that Data plays in delivering customer magic is paramount. Salesforce’s recent Generative AI Snapshot Series Report found that more than 67% of marketers say their company’s data is not properly set up for generative AI, yet 88% say they’ll use it to help personalize their customer journey across channels. Prioritizing strong data to fuel personalization should be a top priority for trailblazing marketers looking to embrace new technology.

But how do you pull all of your customer data together, combine it with Einstein, predictive AI, and CRM to achieve customer magic? That’s where Data Cloud comes in, the real-time platform for customer magic. Data Cloud makes it easy for companies to harmonize their data from any system, channel, or data stream to create a truly unified, and real-time, customer profile record. What does this mean for marketers?  Access to real-time data across every source, enabling real-time moments for customer delight. 

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