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Headquarted in Indianapolis, our team of certified Salesforce professionals has more 15 years of combined technical experience in the financial, professional services and B2B industries.

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ira maher

Ira Maher

Chief Executive Officer

With a rooted belief that experience drives commerce, Ira serves as a strategic advisor to businesses looking to realize the total value of marketing technology. Ira's experience with leading consumer and business brands carries the common thread of strategic, transparent, and accountable partnership. With his genuine communication style and business mindset, Ira is able to effectively translate complex technological innovation to the operating environments of his clients.

dustin arnold

Dustin Arnold

Chief Technology Officer

With over 15 years experience in leading digital development teams and harnessing the power of modern marketing technology, Dustin has a passion for helping businesses achieve their marketing goals through innovative technology solutions. Dustin’s broad range of expertise across the digital landscape enables him to approach solutions from all angles and ultimately resolve on a strategic position that’s the proper fit for the client’s current objective.

Taylor Imus-Williams

Taylor Imus-Williams

Chief Solutions Officer

As an enthusiastic digital marketing leader with a passion for strategic automation, Taylor has a demonstrated history of delivering revenue-generating results for her clients. With more than eight years experience serving brands in the financial, technology and B2B industries, Taylor’s strategic approach, combined with her specialized platform expertise, unifies sales and marketing objectives to maximize efficiency and unlock integrated pipeline results.

A Trusted Partner

At Revely, our partnerships are rooted in trust. And, our team has been fortunate to earn the trust of the world’s most impactful brands.

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Our team stays up-to-date on the latest trends in marketing automation and technology. From future innovations to in-platform optimizations, find helpful articles written by marketers, for marketers.