3 Tips to the Data Cloud Consultant Certification

It’s Dreamforce, which means we get all the latest and greatest news on Salesforce’s innovative solutions across the ecosystem. This year is all about Data + AI + CRM + Trust with a ton of focus on Data Cloud and Einstein AI. Interestingly though, one of the most exciting announcements for me came the week before the Dreamforce event itself.

Last week, Salesforce announced that the Data Cloud Accredited Professional certification has been migrated out of the Salesforce Partner Program. Now called the Data Cloud Consultant certification, you can find it in the general Trailhead Certifications curriculum. This new home for the program makes Data Cloud credentials available to the entire Trailblazer community. With these credentials, we can continue to foster the value of continued education we all hold dear.

Are you ready to dive in and start learning how to connect your organization’s disparate data? Do you want to create unified customer profiles and build actionable segments to jumpstart your customer experiences?! With that resounding YES, here are a few tips for getting started:

Studying for the Data Cloud Certification: Step 1 - Use the Materials.

The Salesforce team has done an exceptional job creating Trailhead courses, product and help documentation and enablement courses to jump start the community. We all know it can be tough to find the resources you need sometimes with newer products and features. Salesforce has stayed true to it’s commitment for the future of Data + AI by recognizing the support required and shifting into overdrive. 

Step 2 - Be Patient.

Master Data Management can be… challenging. Don’t let anyone tell you different. With that said, it’s also accessible. Salesforce’s toolset for Data Cloud allows both no-code and low-code options. These options allow users with limited or no programming experience to connect data streams, harmonize data and build rich audience segments without writing a line of SQL themselves.

Step 3 - Plug In.

What’s the best way to get help when you get stuck while mapping your data? Tap into the Salesforce Community! Slack channels and Community boards already exist where you can post questions, provide feedback and help out someone else who’s running into the same issue you conquered last week. It’s a great way to stay up on the latest Data Cloud news and keep an eye on what’s coming next.

This Data Cloud Consultant Certification isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s your ticket to becoming a data maestro within the Salesforce universe. It shows you can handle data like a pro, which is a hot commodity in today’s data-driven world. So, put on your learning cap, get hands-on, and ride the Salesforce data wave to your next skillset.

Picture of Dustin Arnold